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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Something Scary comes our way in Canada!

Stephen Harper's Government is seeking to change the copyright laws of the formerly democratic country of Canada to allow Political parties to use News Agencies footage and reports without permission and without having to pay for it. It would also allow the government to force news agencies and television stations to broadcast whatever the government wants (but, doesn't that just create a perfect propaganda machine if ever they decide to use it?) I say that Canada is no longer democratic, because Stephen Harper's government achieved majority rule in the last election (despite the fact that 60 percent of Canadians did NOT vote for them) and does not have to allow any discussion on any issue or ask permission to pass almost any law anymore. In my opinion as a citizen of this country, that is not Democracy (something that always made me very proud to live here)- that is tyrannical rule.

So, I am spreading the word around by posting it here. I figure the more people know about it, the better- although it will not stop the law from being passed, or make the Governor General step up and stop the government from doing this, I figure that it will help Canadians to, in future, make better political decisions and not be fooled by a man who resembles a significantly older, duller version of Barbie doll's Ken doll.

Here is a link to CTV's article on the subject-

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