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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Michael Myers survives another catastrophic event to return in Halloween; The next chapter

Since the debut of Rob Zombies adaptation of the Halloween series in 2009, fans have been speculating and in some cases, downright duking it out over the future of the franchise.

All that speculation may soon be put to rest, however as the website Schmoes Know recently revealed. According to this newest rumour, an unnamed writer is working on a script for Halloween; the next chapter which will be handed over to film companies in the fall of 2015. Although very little is known about the alleged screen play, the rumour goes on to speculate that it is possibly a continuation of Zombie's work, while at the same time not being a direct follow up to Halloween 2. The site describes it as a companion to Zombie's movies, creating a new line of movies, within the franchise. Much alike Halloween 4, which took the whole thing in a different direction.

There is, as of yet, no word as to whether Scout Taylor Compton will be returning, although she did tweet back in april that she would be involved in the next Halloween movie. Only time will tell for the die hard fans of the franchise, including myself!
 I'll be watching out for new news and will be posting it here on Darkness Reigns.