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Sunday, 27 July 2014

My Altar Box and its contents.

Hey everyone! Today, I wanted to share with you about Altar Boxes. A few times a week, recently, I've been recieving messages from people wondering how to become a Witch. An Altar box is a great place to start. The purpose of an altar box is to create a centre for yourself. The altar box stays in your home in a safe place, it is never carried around. No one else has access to your altar box unless you choose to give it to them. It is usually a very private thing which is why it is a great place to start- you begin to look inwards to yourself, consider what is really important to you, and find the objects to put into your altar box that represent those important things. Learning these things about yourself is the first step to becoming a witch, and being able to follow the rede. It is also the first step to becoming more spiritually aware, whether the goal is to
The altar box itself represents your past, present, and future hopes. it may include something representing a trial you have gone through, or something you believe you will need in the future or something that represents the future you want to have.
This is my Altar box.

It's plain and white with pink writing, not what you would expect if ever you walked into a place that sells altar boxes. But an Altar box is not about aesthetics, its about function. pick what works right for you. 

These are the contents of my Altar box. Starting at the left, is a broken shell pendant. It is broken in shipping, but I wanted it because it came from the Ocean. The Ocean is a powerful, ancient thing and although I am terrified by the thought of ever being in such a vast expanse of open water where you only feel the bottom if you're dead, I have to respect it's beauty. 

Sitting inside the box, is a small plastic skull. It was a Halloween decoration but I thought it was a cute representation for spirits and the great importance spirits take in my life. So, thinking I would switch it out for a crystal ball or something later, I put it in the altar box as a temporary measure. Then, it fused to the box. I'm serious. It does not come out! I did not glue it, and I don't think the box got hot, just sitting on my shelf. But the skull won't come out, so now it is there to stay. 

In the lid of the box, in the upper left corner, is a small round silver ball. It's an apport- something that came out of the spirit world. I was sitting at my desk and planning out Saint Aidan's, thinking about spirits and the best way to represent them, and it dropped out of no where onto the paper in front of me. No one else was home, and the doors and windows were all locked. I think it's really pretty, so I keep it in my altar box so I don't lose it. 

In the middle of the lid, is a small, yellow note written to me before her death by my Nana. And, sitting on the note, is a small ring. It's my Nana's baby ring, and my mother wore it too. its passed down in the family, but I don't know for how long. It represents my Nana, she is the only person I purposely represent in my box. 

The grey feather beside it is from Shadie, my mother's cockatiel, and it's in there because it was a gift. The large, white, folded paper is a personal prayer to the goddess. 

These things all represent a part of myself. Making an Altar box is easy, if you're being honest with yourself. If you can't be honest, even to yourself, you won't be able to assemble an altar box. This can be taken as a first step to becoming a witch, becoming more spiritually aware, or in simply welcoming yourself to a new home.  Have fun with it, let me know your results if you would like! tweet me at @cheyenneleo18