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Monday, 14 July 2014

3 positive things that having severe Migraines gives me.

SO, if you follow me on twitter or Facebook, you know that for the past 5 days now I've had a migraine. Yes, it is improving! And thank you to all my lovely concerned fans who sent me messages asking if I was alright. It was so sweet and very appreciated. On to the subject of the post-

Hello, Darkness Reigns Readers! As most of you may know, I suffer from severe migraines, as well as a form of migraine that happens on the optic nerve, which temporarily blinds me. There are a myriad of things that cause my migraines, some of which are caffeine, stress, bright light, etc. My migraines take me out for a few hours when they are very bad, or make my life  a very (literally) painful experience when they are not bad enough to warrant taking time out. Pain killers help some, but they are mainly to reduce the swelling associated with the migraine, which I have been told is very dangerous and can cause a stroke. All of this is inconvenient and unpleasant, as many millions of my fellow afflicted can attest to. But, as I prefer to look at things in a better light, (Because Happiness is, after all, only of your own making!) over the years I have discovered some actually pretty good things that come along with my migraines.

1) Number one is, believe it or not, Nightmares. As a Horror Author, I am constantly looking for inspiration. Popular media is good, but its other people's ideas being thrown at me. Not only is that annoying at times due to the implausibility of it all and the obvious lack of research in some of it but it doesn't actually help me advance or improve my own work. Real world horror like War and Famine and Serial Killers, etc are good but "ripped from the headlines" isn't what I want to be known for. It is only in my Nightmares that I truly find what scares me, and from bottomless unfathomable oceans to Beetles to pigs, this is what really inspires me to write the stuff that gets me rave reviews.

2) Number two is an advanced awareness of the world. When a good portion of your time is spent in a state where every sound hurts, You learn to appreciate things around you, from the busiest and loudest city to the quietest and calmest night in the forest around my house. Crickets take on a particular beauty when you really listen to them, and so does the sound of a busy city street. If I happen to be having one of the migraines where I can't see, at the time, the experience is heightened even more. I know it seems an odd thing to count as a perk, but I am glad for my hypersensitivity, sometimes and I don't regret a minute of it.

3) Number 3 is caution. Yes! I do count this- I see too many of my friends throw themselves headlong into bad situations, sometimes literally and sometimes they come out alright, but sometimes they end up in trouble or in one case, in a hospital for six months straight. I am proud to say that my migraines give me that second of cautious thought- usually because I don't want to cause another- that keeps me out of trouble most of the time. I don't drink a drop of alcohol, and I certainly don't take things like cocaine or speed or acid- imagine the migraine that would ensue, not to mention the effect on my health.

These are the things that, although insignificant, give a silver lining to my migraines, and make them easier to deal with. I believe the silver lining should be found in everything, or else you'll lose your mind! So here's the question- What do you find silver linings in? Where have you found a silver lining in your life? How do you make your own happiness? Tweet me at @cheyenneleo18 and let me know! Have a great day, everyone- and watch for the next post from Darkness Reigns.