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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Willow Creek Chapter 16

“Anna?” the woman Demon called, moving quickly down to the back of the apartment. “Look, Lady, I’m going to ask you to leave!” “Oh shut up!” she ordered him, her eyebrows meeting in the middle of her forehead as she glared at him. “Excuse me?” Alex asked, outraged. How dare she show up here, demanding Anna? Did she really think they would hand her over? A faint thought suddenly came from the bedroom- “Veronica.” At this, she rushed past Alex, almost bowling him over. He reached out and grabbed onto her arm, trying to stop her, but suddenly, a man in a suit was there, and he punched Alex in the face, knocking him off his feet. He recovered quickly, returning the punch and jumping on top of the man as he fell. They tangled up there, Alex trying his best to freeze the other Demon while the other did his best to hold him off- his breath escaping in blasts of steam as the temperature all around his body dropped. Alex could hear Andrew hissing in the bedroom, trying to protect Anna. Anna’s thoughts bounced all over- from exclamations for help, to ones of pain. Alex used his weight to pin the other demon to the floor for a moment, then, before the other could react, he snapped right into the bedroom by the bed. The woman was leaning over Anna, who seemed to be focusing on her face. Alex lifted his hands to throw her away, but she beat him- with the twitch of her left index finger, she froze him in time. Unable to move, he stewed there, anxious, unable to move. Andrew lay across Anna’s chest, clinging to her. He hissed periodically, but it didn’t seem to phase the stronger demon, as she was silently talking to Anna. Suddenly, she made a movement with her hand as if gathering something in the air and Alex could move again. He growled, his face twisting up to show his teeth, and moved to jump on the other Demon. She snapped back a few feet, and he landed harmlessly in front of her, but now, thankfully, between Anna and Andrew and the Woman demon. “Oh, fierce kitty cat,” she simpered, tilting her head to the side, grinning widely. The man who Alex had been fighting with came skidding suddenly into the door way behind her, his lips pulled back to show his teeth, Snarling as if he would kill any and all in his way. At the sound, Alex felt Anna’s emotions turn to complete fear. A tiny whimper escaped, and Alex was immediately distracted. “Don’t use your voice!” he commanded, looking over his shoulder at the woman who lay, unable to move, staring at his back with wide eyes. As she caught his attention, she sent a thought slamming into his head. “SAFE.” Alex reeled, blinded by the force of her will for a few horrible moments. When he got his sight back, the man was reaching out to help him, to keep him from falling to the floor. He snarled, getting right up in the man’s face. The man leapt back to avoid him, lurking just beyond the woman again. “Alex, their safe, I know them!” Anna thought desperately, and this time Alex heard. He stepped back, maintaining his position between the Human and the Demons who had forced their way in. Looking back and forth between the two women, Alex could see they were friendly; Anna even managed, with her lack of energy, to offer the woman a faint smile. The woman smiled widely at Anna, stepping towards her, reaching down to touch her face. Andrew hissed desperately, confused by his brother’s compliance. “It’s alright, sweetheart,” the woman said soothingly, suddenly grabbing Andrew up as if he were a baby. This was too much for Alex, and he snatched his brother back quickly, dropping him on his feet behind him. Andrew displeased with being manhandled, dropped to his knees and crawled under the bed, where he maintained his position, hissing constantly, now. Anna rolled her eyes, annoyance filling her mind. “Don’t be annoyed, dear.” Veronica said soothingly, sitting down on the edge of her bed. Alex moved back, glaring at the other man in the room. “By the way, this is Peter,” Veronica told him, and Peter flashed a smile and held out his hand. Alex avoided it, unsure of whether it was safe to leave Anna, or not. Andrew had fallen silent under the bed, his small pale face peeking out at the adult’s feet. “so, as I was telling Anna just now,” Veronica said, pulling a mirror out of a clutch that Alex was sure hadn’t been there before, “We and a few others are worried about her presence here.” She smiled wanly, popping open a tube of lipstick. “She can’t be moved,” Alex snapped, feeling significantly out of place. “We know that, dear.” She said calmly, ignoring his rudeness. “Harold saw you carrying her home from the hotel.” Anna stared at him, trying to convey calm. He sent her an annoyed look, and focused back on the usurpers. “What does Harold have to do with anything?” he asked, shoving his hands into his pockets, his shoulders sloped inwards. “Well, he’s with us, dear.” “Stop calling me dear!” he shouted, sending a rush of cold air around the room. Anna wished she could shiver- she was so cold already. Hearing her thoughts, Andrew softly crawled out the other side, back up onto the bed. He crawled under the covers with her, and instantly, she felt better. “Thank you,” she thought softly, and Andrew snuggled his head down into her shoulder and shut his eyes. The conversation had continued in the room. “When she is better, you need to take her out of here before more like Annabelle discover her presence here.” Veronica was saying, having applied another (totally unneeded) layer of lipstick. She turned to Anna, looking her in the eyes. “Do you have a place to go, sweetie?” “Yes,” Anna answered quickly, “Sean and I have a place in Cherryville.” At the thought of Sean, tears filled her eyes. “What will I do about Sean? What if people ask where he is?” but Veronica smiled, patting her hand gently. “Let us take care of that, sweetie. Everything will be just fine.” Anna wanted to ask how, but Veronica turned away again before she could even form the words. “So do you agree?” She asked Alex now, looking only at him. “Will you get her out of here, take her to safety?” Alex nodded, insulted by the hidden accusation. “Of course I will!” he snapped, shuffling from foot to foot. “Good!” Veronica got to her feet, turning to talk to Anna again. “You’ll be fine with them,” she told her, and Anna rolled her eyes- she knew that already. Veronica grinned at the look in her eyes. She reached out, stroked Andrews hair. He jumped at her touch, hissing loudly again. Veronica laughed out loud, turning briskly to leave, Peter following closely behind her. “Now if you need help, you call us.” She told Alex, as he shadowed them on their way to the door. “Okay,” he said shortly, a distinct grumpy tone in his voice. “We’ll go for now, but Peter will be back to check on you tonight.” She said, opening the door and stepping out. “Do you need anything?” Alex shook his head quickly, but stopped, remembering Anna’s bare feet. “She doesn’t have any shoes.” Veronica seemed taken aback by this. “Really? She was wearing some lovely maroon heels when I saw her last.” She looked left to right about her feet, as if he were lying. “She doesn’t now, I don’t know what happened.” “Okay,” Veronica said, winking at Peter. “I’ll send over some shoes- just flats- for Anna.” She nodded, as if confirming her own words. “have a good day, kitty cat.” She said mockingly, shutting the door in Alex’s face. As soon as the door clicked shut, he stuck his tongue out at the blank wood, severely annoyed. He hated being pushed around- but Anna had trusted them, and he hadn’t wanted to fight. He turned back to the bedroom, going in to check on her. She looked at him, her eyes drooping nearly shut. “Tired,” She thought softly, and shut her eyes. “Go to sleep, then.” He said irritably, and sat down on the edge of the bed to watch her.
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