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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Willow Creek Chapter 13

“What do you mean?” She asked slowly, her mouth turning down at the corners. “You didn’t let me intimidate you,” he said, rolling his eyes- as if her need for explanation were oh-so-typical. He turned back to the task at hand, putting the last jar of food up on the shelf. The sound of the door closing caught Anna’s attention. She stood up quickly, looking down the hallway- but saw no one. Suddenly, she realized that Roger wasn’t there anymore. She turned to the old man, who leaned against the counter, now- his chin in his hand, staring at her intently. “Where did he go?” she asked confusion plain on her face. “Probably to warn Andrew,” he said casually, looking around for something to sit on. “Come sit here,” Anna said, forgetting her intimidation. “Thanks,” the old man shuffled to the living room, plunking down beside her without a second thought. She sat as far from him as she could- he emanated a deep, aching cold, and she was already freezing. Anna breathed deeply, and she could see her breath in the air. “Sorry,” he said, offering her a thin smile. “I do that sometimes.” Anna nodded, lost as to what to say. “You should eat.” The demon said pointedly, sitting forward. He opened the pizza box, sliding a piece onto the plate. He handed it to her, and she took it- avoiding touching his freezing fingers. She took a bite, watching him carefully. He looked everywhere but at her, studying the few paintings in the place. “How do you know Andrew?” she asked, and put the barely bitten piece of pizza down on the table. He looked down at her hand, rolling his eyes. “I happen to be his big brother.” He said, tilting his head to see down the hallway. “Oh!” she blinked rapidly in surprise. “Yea,” he said, grinning widely. “I’m Alex.” He held his hand out to her, and she shook it- shuddering at his freezing cold touch. “Can I ask a personal question?” she said pointedly, shifting to be facing him better. He did the same, leaning back- regarding her like some interesting new kind of flower. “Go for it,” he struck a pose, his chin in his hand- like the thinking man. Anna laughed in spite of herself. “Why are you so old?” she said, almost wishing she could snatch the words back. But Alex didn’t seem to mind- he laughed out loud- and somewhere behind his voice, there was a sound almost like the rusty crunch of rotten leaves. “I’m not, really” he said, when he could breathe again. “I just thought you would find this form the least objectionable.” “Oh!” Anna said, nodding. “Why?” he said suddenly, catching her off guard. “Would you like to see what I really look like?” she tilted her head to the side, confused. “You can just change like that?” “Yes,” he answered, standing up quickly. “So can Andrew, but he probably didn’t want to scare you.” “Scare me? Why would he scare me?” she shifted, more comfortable now that he wasn’t right beside her. He moved around the coffee table, turning to face her. As he moved, he changed- and suddenly, Anna could see the family resemblance. He was a tall, tall man- and like Andrew, he was pale, with red eyes, and dark hair. “Baby demons don’t always look like this.” He explained, sitting down on a chair that sat on the opposite side of the room. Anna was sure it hadn’t been there before. “So Andrew is a baby?” she picked up the pizza, taking another bite. “Yea,” he said, nodding. “He has been for a long time.” “Why does he call me mommy?” “Oh, that’s because he needs one to grow up,” he said, as if this were the simplest explanation in the world. “I don’t get it,” She said, shaking her head. He immediately launched into a speech- as if he had memorised this a thousand times. “Demon’s aren’t born like humans. We’re born from pain, and suffering. See, it all gives off energy- negative energy.” Anna opened her mouth to interrupt, but he carried on before she could say anything. “The world is a balanced place. There’s good energy, and there’s bad. And there’s a way it flows around the world and gets to everywhere it’s needed, all the time. Most things need good energy, so there came a time when there was too much bad energy and not enough good.” He stood up, walking back and forth between the kitchen and the living room. Anna stayed mute, fascinated. “That’s when the first demon was born. He was a way for the world to expend some of the bad- and it worked. Not only did the Demon use up some of the bad energy, but he actually had to consume it to survive. So, for a little while, the world was back to balanced.” He sat down again, tense. The temperature in the apartment dropped even further. Anna shuddered, reaching over for the blanket that sat on the arm of the couch. She pulled it over her lap. “But, the human race got bigger and bigger. The bigger the human race got, the more negative energy there was. Because, you see, humans are never satisfied- you really are a power hungry, violent bunch.” He grinned at the indignant look on her face, barreling on before she could say anything. “So the more you people tortured, and starved, and got sick, and experienced pain, and sadness, and suffering- and even better, got angry, murdered, fought, raped, and in general hurt each other- the more and more we were born. “ He leaned back, letting her speak this time. “So Demons are parasites?” she asked, snapping her mouth shut at the offended look on his face. “So are humans!” he shouted, sitting forward. She leaned back to compensate- he was like a blast freezer. She hitched the blanket higher, tucking it over her chest. “The thing is, just like human kids, Demon kids need a lot of food to grow.” He leaned back now, crossing his arms over his chest. “That’s where our human moms come in.” She stared at him, cold realization churning in her stomach. “What we do, is find a human woman who’s willing to let us hang around for a while.” He got up, looking down the hallway expectantly. “Then, we just stick around. And every time something bad happens- we just lap up the energy. It’s easy with women, see- because most of the bullshit that rains down on the human race seems to land on them. In a pinch, a guy will do- especially if he’s depressed. Once we’ve sucked up enough energy, we grow up. All at once- there’s no puberty, thank god.” Alex turned to the door way suddenly, a grin spreading across his face. The door opened, and Andrew stepped in, shutting it quickly behind him. Sean wasn’t with him. Anna stood up quickly, horror churning in her gut. Where was Sean? “Hey, little brother!” Alex crowed, catching Andrew off guard. The smaller demon froze in place, staring at his brother. “Well, come on!” Alex held out his arms, as if to hug him. “Why didn’t you tell me the good news? Me and Anna have been having a good talk here!” Andrew’s eyes narrowed, but before he could say anything, Anna pushed past Alex, rushing down the hallway towards him. Anger raged in her stomach, replacing all of her intimidation. Feeling it, Andrew backed away, his eyes popping open wide. Now he was the one who was intimidated. “Andrew,” she shouted, stopped right in front of him. “WHERE is Sean?” she demanded, stomping her foot. He bowed his head, as if ashamed. “Alright, Anna,” Alex crowed, clapping his hands, “you tell him!” “Shut up!” she shouted, glaring at him over his shoulder. He clapped his hand over his mouth, trying not to laugh. She dropped down to be on the same level. “Where is Sean?” she demanded. Andrew gritted his teeth, determined not to answer. “If you want to stick around with me, you better tell me! I know we can leave- anytime! You tell me what you did!” but the little boy stayed silent- as if he didn’t believe the threat. “FINE then!” she shouted, and, shoving him out of the way, she wrenched the door open, and left. “Mommy!” Andrew shouted, his heart hitting the floor. “Ooooooohhhh,” Alex hooted, greatly entertained, “you’ve done it now!”

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