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Gothic Beauty Magazine

Monday, 26 May 2014

What a day!

Hello, Hello everyone. Well- What a day I and some of my favorite Darkness Reigns fans have had! One got fired, one got punched in the face on the subway, and one lost their dog! As for myself I go out to finish some gardening only to be almost immediately rained upon and stormed at by mother nature. Not only that but EVERY pumpkin plantlet is now snapped dead or stunted. FABULOUS. Now I have to start them from seed. Well, I don't have much time for a post tonight, as I have to finish work, make dinner, hopefully get out there and finish the new planter, and get the Darkness Reigns Newsletter out by midnight as well as work some more for my clients. Oh well! You know what they say- idle hands have great nails. I think I'm just better with stubs, better suited for typing. Here's to hoping the rest of you had a better day. Lots of love! From, Cheyenne of Darkness Reigns.