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Sunday, 25 May 2014

The World should be a better place!!!!!

Many of you know that I am an Animal lover. In particular, my favorite Animals are Birds and Dogs. I love Snakes and Reptiles too, and Hamsters and Bunnies and Mice are okay for pets but if you show me a Rat or a Pig I WILL scream and run away, even if its the cutest Rat or Pig ever. I can’t go through the whole list of all my opinions, that would take too long. But you get my point.
Recently, I was absolutely disgusted when a family member, who often declares the sentiment that in our family, our pets are loved as if they were humans, was told off severely by someone on the internet, told they were delusional and that Animals are just Animals, and that perhaps they should not be allowed to have Animals if they were so obsessive and weird about it.
I have one thing to say; Animals should never be considered “JUST” Animals. They are living, breathing, feeling things that have a right to life just as we all do, with our well built society and high education. A human being who does not have access to all of this, or the ability to use it, is no less valued and neither should an Animal be less valued. In my perfect world, each and every breeder of Animals would have to be fully registered and approved by a special section of the government. In some places, this is the case, in some places, it is not. In my perfect world, each Animal would have to be issued a Birth Certificate at birth, and a Death Certificate at death with an investigation into unusual deaths. If someone cannot care for an Animal any longer, there should be a place where they can come and give it up, funded by the government, and I do NOT mean just a place for cats and dogs. Many of these places already exist. I mean there should be a Government funded organization that takes all and that people should have to walk in, declare their intent, be interviewed, and sign their rights to the Animal away just as they would have to do for a Human Child in their care. I believe that Animals who are used for food and the advancement of the Human race should have representatives in the Government, and that every farmer of these Animals should be subject to randomized, surprise inspections of their facilities as well as mandatory quarterly inspections not only of the conditions in the facility but of the health and well being of the Animals as well as the quality of their nutrition. I believe that if someone beats a Dog, it should be a crime just as beating another Human would be. I believe that if someone tortures or kills an Animal with malicious intent they should be jailed for life, just as a Human’s murderer would be. I know many would not agree, and many would call me delusional as well. Many would say, who cares? But it’s what I believe. Wild Animals are also badly treated by Humans, and I believe that with all of our wireless technology, we could probably set up non invasive security cameras in places where poaching and cruelty are known to take place to catch the people in the act.
Personally, I would run into a burning building or even face down a huge spotted drooling snorting terrifying wild Pig to save one of my pets. It doesn’t matter to me, that they can’t talk to me, or that I don’t understand their motivations and emotions. If my Bird sat on her perch with her back to me for the rest of her life and never interacted, I would love her just as much. and If the world were a better place, everyone would feel the same, because no one would think they were above the very things that make our existence possible- the Animals, the Plants, and even the Earth. Because we are not, and never will be.
In closing, I believe that if every living being on the earth had equal rights, the world would be a better place. This post is my way of communicating this, and to defend the rights of people who love their Animals as much as I do. If an Animal is just an Animal to you, please, step away from the Animal and allow someone who values them as they deserve to take care of them.