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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Stop it and Drop it!

Alright, so the first article of the series was about using our reasoning to decide whether or not there is a ghost present. Hopefully, you will have done this on your own anyways. now, I’m going to tell you, shortly, how to deal with the situation if you are suddenly confronted by a spirit or feel that you are being confronted by a spirit. This will also work for any other negative situation, or most of them. First, consciously register the fear or other negative emotion you are feeling. Then, drop it.
No, seriously. While emotions are the useful response from our middle brains that help us survive and certainly should not be ignored, in some situations they clog your judgment and reduce you to the screaming flailing irritating thing in the corner the other person leaves as a distraction when they run for it. to drop the emotion is not to ignore it, suppress it, or not feel it. It is to reduce it to a manageable level.
Ways you can drop the emotion are by taking a big breath, or consciously relaxing your shoulders, or even better, consciously making the effort to relax your jaw. When you’re angry or scared, your jaw either clenches tight, or juts forward, the more aggressive being the latter. Relaxing your jaw makes your brain think that the situation is over and forces you to calm down. Since Spirits can harness and use negative energy better than anything else, dropping it and calming down can even protect you.
Next, process. What is it in front of you? Can you see it? Or is it just a feeling? This is one of those feelings you try to diffuse, by the way- the feeling that someone is watching you. Stop it and drop it as soon as you feel it. Is it talking to you? Does it seem distressed? Gather all of the information you can. Since it takes so much energy for a spirit to interact, the situation probably will not last long. You can even write it down if you need to- try to remember as many details as possible. all of this will help you learn what to do with the situation.
In the next article, we will address how to deal with the situation. Coming soon will be different types of spirits and how to keep your spirits entertained so you don’t become the entertainment.
hope to see you soon, from, Cheyenne Leo