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Sunday, 25 May 2014

how far I have come

This Letter was written only one year ago. I am sharing it today because I am quite frankly gobsmacked at how far I have come. Lots of love- until tomorrow- xoxo, Cheyenne of Darkness Reigns

Well, well, well, everyone. This week marks our 15th week together with Darkness Reigns! In only 15 weeks- that's only 105 days- we have grown our Fan Family from 2 to 1,533 members at the time this letter is being written.
           If someone had told me 9 months ago that I would have the opportunity to interact with so many supportive and fabulous people every day, I would not have believed them. At that point, I still lived in hiding- afraid to put myself out there past my pen name and a few articles featured in other countries.
All of this because I was abused outside of the home as a very young child, because I refused to lie to protect the reputation of a monster. When a community rallies around a person, it can sometimes be a beautiful thing. In the case of a pedophile, the damage to a child can be irreversible. When I was turned upon, the only people I had in my corner were my family. Eventually, even that dwindled away and it was just me, my Mom, my brother and my very supportive Grandparents and Uncle who unfortunately lived far away against the targeted abuse that rained down on me every time I went to school, or left my house.
I felt, back then, that outside of my home I did not have a voice. I would often be treated that way- as if the people around me simply didn't hear me. Because of this, I felt that I did not matter although I knew, as I have always known, that I did nothing wrong. Despite all of the good times my Mother gave me, I was very sad and very Angry- the only place I felt happy was at home, with my Mom.  Eventually, for my safety, we had to leave the place I grew up in- with me hiding in the back of the moving van.
         But 11 years later, after hiding out for all that time, when “Summertime” debuted with the first edition, I began to receive fan mail and be asked to grant interviews. Slowly, I realized that I have more than just my Mother in my corner. And I finally, with my Mother's help, got brave enough to put myself out there- and this is the result.
It is because of you, my readers and the unfailing love and support of my Mom that I have developed my voice. For this, there is not enough words in the world to thank you.

        Here's to hoping, that every child finds the gift that is their voice. And here's to hoping that there will be many more editions of Darkness Reigns.
                    -Cheyenne Leo

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