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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Determining if you have a ghost

Hello, eager readers- this is the first in a series of articles here on Darkness Reigns that will give you advice on how to deal with the paranormal. In the first, I would like to teach you how to come to a reasonable conclusion that what you have is a ghost, not just a rusty, banging pipe or cracks in your homes foundation. First, observe- by this, I mean watch for the supposed activity and when it happens, remember where and when and what happened. Then, try to explain it away logically- was the ball of light you saw created by passing car’s headlights reflecting in your mirror? Did the books fall off the shelf because of your desperate need for some bookends? Hearing footsteps- are there any cracks in our home’s foundation? Or do you have a metal roof? Sometimes the change in the heat from day to night makes the metal stretch and recede, making weird noises. better yet, what is your house built out of? Wood, Metal? Loud bangs can often be made by bricks snapping from the pressure against the aging stone. If the activity can be explained feasibly in any other way, you probably don’t have a ghost. If it only happens once, and never again, then it probably wasn’t a ghost or it wasn’t an easily repeated task. In any case, use your critical judgement when deciding whether or not you have a ghost in your house and always remain calm.
watch out for more in depth articles on this topic coming soon to Darkness Reigns.

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