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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Capitalizing on Death

Recently, there has been a lot of Capitalizing on Death. By this, I refer to the many “true event” paranormal shows, books, and movies that have been coming out lately. It is one thing, to write a fiction work about ghosts- with no real people in it, and no true events. This does not mention names, or use likenesses, and therefore, does not exploit anyone.
But many people now are beginning to use true events, real deaths, and real hauntings to reel in viewers to their franchise. I think it’s horrible- because the end purpose of all of it is money. Give us your money! Give us your money! You can practically hear it. Not that everyone who makes money from the Paranormal is capitalizing. Most of you know I am a fan of Ghost Adventures, and paranormal investigation. I think it’s a great idea! Spirits love being talked to- wouldn’t you be lonely after so many years of people not being able to see you or hear you? Or, even worse, of people denying your existence? Paranormal investigation takes money- all of the specialized equipment can’t be cheap, and everyone knows travel costs are ridiculous these days. Not to mention, the evidence that is found in investigation is not sensationalized, and every effort is made to debunk it as not paranormal. When something happens that can be debunked, it is. This makes Investigating different from capitalizing- it’s a science.
The best example of capitalization that I’m pretty sure most of you will know is my fellow sensitive, Amy Allen of the Dead Files. While she is obviously skilled, I find her methods deplorable. If you listen to Mrs. Allen and her husband as they go through these haunted locations, everything is dangerous. Shadow people, the dark eyed people, the crawlers, even people who are presenting themselves as the way they were in life! While there are dangerous people in the world, and they definitely can become dangerous spirits, you cannot go into every situation determined that what you are facing is evil. The truth of the matter is that among the Hodge podge of people all seeking to become known in the paranormal world, if Mrs. Allen did not sensationalize everything, no one would be listening, or handing over the money that makes up the income. That doesn’t make it okay, and it doesn’t make it right. There shouldn’t be terrified people contacting me begging me to help them deal with the spirits in their home, frantically saying that Amy Allen says their dangerous, Amy Allen says their bad, only to find out that there is nothing bad there- only to find that shadow people are not always bad, or to find that if they simply calm down, the spirits will too. If Mrs. Allen and other people who do similar work would simply be less fatalistic and alarmist, things would not be so bad for many people, living AND dead.
So here is some absolutely free advice, if you have Ghosts, Spirits, or Demons, of any shape, size, and description, what you should do, is remain calm. What eggs on a bad spirit is your emotion, because the more negative emotions you have the more energy they can get from you. If a spirit is bad, even if you stay calm, bad things will happen. They’re bullies, they want the reaction same as a bully in the school yard. Sometimes, not giving a bully ghost the satisfaction is enough to make it move on. This method should be attempted before anything else. Sometimes, when you just calm down, accept it’s there, it gives it the validation it craves and you can carry on with your life. You will sometimes realize that the terrifying spirit you thought you had around is really just a defensive, scared person who’s trying to defend themselves. If anyone has any questions, you can ask me for advice for free by emailing me at and if Mrs. Allen would like to contact me, she can reach me there too. If you find that you really do think these spirits are bad, you can contact me there and I will give you advice, all for free. Because it’s free you may not get an immediate response but I will answer. If you need it, I’ll help you learn how to be strong enough on your own to deal with them. For this exact purpose, I am developing a new section of Darkness Reigns specifically for teaching people the right way to deal with Ghosts. Remember, they are just dead people, and should be treated as you would wish to be treated. This advice will be free, and non-sensational. If you wish to support Darkness Reigns, there is Merchandise at the Darkness Reigns Boutique or, if you enjoy reading you could buy a copy of my book, Summertime; a tale of Horror and suspense. Here’s to hoping things get better for everyone involved, Sincerely, Cheyenne Leo- Darkness Reigns.

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