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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bully Ghosts

A Bully Ghost is my term for what other people call evil and Demonic. However, my definition of evil and Demonic is different from other people. a lot of people think that every ghost is evil, or that interaction with them is dangerous, or even that they can hurt or kill you. The truth of the matter is, the only way they can hurt you is if you allow them to. Yes, I know to some that doesn’t make any sense, but if you take the time to read on, hopefully, it will.
Spirits are made of energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be converted. This must be specifically understood. Any and all Paranormal activity takes energy. After any and all Paranormal Activity the causal Ghost needs to consume more energy or take the risk of losing so much energy that they are entirely unable to communicate or even that they may be whisked away to become converted, and become part of something else that uses energy, like another Ghost or a plant or something. At least, this is what I was taught. Now, the reason a Ghost haunts is to gather energy from Humans. Technically they can gather energy from anything, but I’m told that the easiest for them to use and gather is the energy Humans give off when they have negative emotions. Not all Ghosts are Bully Ghosts, of course- many, many people report having spirits in their home that never do anything negative at all. A Bully Ghost is different in that they purposely negatively haunt living people to get that energy.
The important thing about determining whether or not you have a negative haunting is to not freak out at every little thing that happens. If you hear a ball bouncing down your stairs with nothing there, it’s not time to prostrate yourself on the ground pleading to god to save you from the evil Demons in your house. Same if things get moved, you hear voices, lights turn on and off, you see shadows, you see solid-looking people, you hear dishes being done, food being cooked, furniture being moved, doors being slammed, people looking out windows at you when you’re outside, or your TV gets turned on and off. Anything at all can be happening and you can be totally safe. Do not freak out if you get jerked out of bed in the middle of the night by your ankles. Do not reduce to a sobbing heap if your blankets get pulled off. Seriously. It’s embarrassing, and you’ll probably end up tied to a bed in the mental hospital. keep calm, and think things out.
Quite often, if things like this are happening, they are trying to tell you something. It could be something they know about you and your personal life that you don’t.
Recently, a woman told me that a spirit showed her the face of the woman her husband was cheating on her with. When she described the face she had seen to her husband, he became cagy and evasive, which made her suspicious which eventually led to her finding out about the affair. If the spirit had not shown her the face, She would never have found out. In another instance, a man once told me that he saw a tall, thin, white man with huge black eyes staring at him from the corner of his kitchen when he was cooking, only to turn around and find nothing there. Years later, after he had moved from the house, and forgotten all about the black eyed man, he saw a news report about his old house in which they said that a mold problem had led to the discovery of a body hidden in the kitchen wall. When they showed the picture of the suspected victim, it bore great resemblance to the man he had seen in the kitchen.
If he had been curious enough to investigate, he may have found something that would lead him to check out the wall, and find the poor man much earlier than he was. The man spent years alone in a wall, forgotten and decayed. Sometimes, you should listen to the spirits, try to discern their message, and act upon it. There have been reports of people being yanked out of bed only to find something very, very wrong in their house. What if they hadn’t been woken up? Sometimes, having a Ghost in your house is an advantage. Presently, my brother came home from school very, very ill, and fell asleep as soon as he came home. Despite our efforts to make him better, he became very dehydrated overnight- and was repeatedly woken by Lara, our resident cutie pie ghost, telling him to eat Grapes! Eventually, he got annoyed by her bugging, and got up, realized he was very dehydrated and got himself a drink.
But, in a negative haunting, things are different. There is no confusing it- you KNOW when you have a bully ghost, or multiple. Any and all of the afformentioned activity can go on, but there’s always something else about it. It may happen repeatedly, or only in the middle of the night, so that you don’t get enough sleep. If you get yanked out of bed and there’s nothing wrong, or you get dragged farther, that’s definitely negative. If you get the distinct impression that the effort is really being made to scare you, you should be worried. It’s really common for a Bully Ghost to deny their humans sleep- this makes it easier to bug them at all other times. In a negative haunting, you can be scratched, which doesn’t happen in a non negative haunting. They will also torture your animals, making them growl at absolutely nothing or suddenly become scared, or making them yelp for no reason. They can also break your stuff. We’ve had glasses and Mirrors smashed, things thrown against walls. Some of my friends who are also sensitive have had whole book cases knocked over, and once I’m told that a brand new speaker flew against the wall and broke. They do their best to irritate you, by doing the smallest things that they know you find irritating. Things may go missing for long periods of time- and you may never get them back. Sometimes, people get locked into rooms or closets, and not let out until someone comes looking for them. Often, they will be at you and at you and at you until you are so deprived of sleep, so constantly irritated, so constantly jumping up to fix something, or clean up something they’ve broken, or to turn off the water they keep turning on, etc, etc, etc, that you have to move. People who experience true negative hauntings, very often are left with no option but to move.
If you are not being constantly, constantly bothered by these spirits, chances are that you don’t have a true negative haunting and you should take the time to try to find a solution to the problem- the one that I promote whole heartedly is learning to live with them. Because, sometimes, it doesn’t matter where you go- something is gonna be there. It’s better for your piece of mind to accept it, get over it, and carry on with your life in a healthy fashion, not running around with runes and talismans throwing salt around every corner and praying every minute of the day for protection. Some people are this extreme! It may seem like I am exaggerating, but there are people who react this way. Like anything else in life, it’s ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react to it.
Now that this has been established, should you decide to try and live with them, here are some suggestions to keep them entertained and to keep yourself from being the entertainment;
1) get Mirrors. They love Mirrors. Okay, so you shouldn’t do this if you can’t handle a scare every now and then. They like to look out of them rather than in.
2) Hang calendars. Have you ever seen a spirit play with a calendar? picking up the whole book and letting it fall back like a flipbook. They seem to find it entertaining, or maybe they just enjoy the pictures.
3) Leave your TV on overnight. Yes it might use energy and it may not be for everyone, but it gives them something to do other than poke the sleeping human.
4) My mother enjoys talking to them. I do too- and it’s a good idea because it tells them that you acknowledge their existence without them having to do something extreme to get noticed. Another way to do it is to always yell “I’m home!” when you come home, even if there is no one (living) in the house. It’s just friendly.
5) Leave pens and pads of paper around in odd places, and look at them every now and then. If they know how to write, you might get a message. I don’t do this, but I know people who do, and they seem to be pretty happy with it.
in the next article, I’ll tell you how to do a full salt cleansing of your house. Warning; You’ll need like, ten boxes of salt depending how big your house is.